Dear Snehi Swajans,

With Future in mind and a Gift to Gen Next, your Matrusanstha have come up with a Novel concept of e Vastipatrak. The thought of making e  Vastipatrak came to our mind about two years back. Here I must give Credit for this Novel Concept first visualised by our own Shri Ashwin Bhagwandas Rajput, who opined that to get rid of making constant changes, we should have e Vastipatrak so that necessary changes can be done by Gnyatijan themselves. Shri Mehul Navinchandra Rajput opined that we can simultaneously launch e Vastipatrak as well as Responsive Website. He put up before us his vision about new Responsive Website and making of e Vastipatrak with hosts of unique features.

During the Navchandi Yagna on 1st May, 2016, we put up the idea of e Vastipatrak to the Community and appealed to all especially those who were familiar in the field of Information and Technology and activities related to it. Quite a few names cropped up that time. Thus, work of having e Vastipatrak started. It had many advantages over the Traditional Parivar Parichay Patrak. So, after discussing and finalising various features, preparing design of the Form was the first task cut out by us.

It took almost nine to ten months before we could arrive at a proper design of the form. Once the layout of the Form was ready, we started checking it by filling our own family Member’s details online. In the beginning there were some bottlenecks but it was obvious as any new system initially has to run on Trial and Error basis. So, on 23rd April,2017 on the Occasion of our Gnyati’s 38th Navchandi Yagna, e Vastipatrak Form was presented with the Magnificent Power Point Presentation done by Mehul Navinchandra Rajput and Malvi Navnit Chawhan. There were many Queries raised online as well as off line. Our team with the support of Bhavesh Balraj Rajput were constantly working hard in attending those queries and solving difficulties of the Gnyatijans. 

Filling of e Vastiatrak Form online was first of its kind among our Gnyatijans, so there were apprehensions cast on us vis a vis Security of Data, steps taken by us to save the Data from Hacking. I must say here that No System is perfect. Even strong Security features cannot stop any site from being hacked. The data stored on our site was elementary, we had taken ample precautions to keep our site secured. Gradually we found out that since it was to be filled online, many were facing Logistical problems. So, to serve those Gnyatijans, we had three Centres started at Dhobitalao, Ghatkopar East and Borivali West to assist them in filling their form online. We were successful in getting the e Vastipatrak form filled from about 95% of our Members. The success of this goes to all our Committee members, Sub Committee on e Vastipatrak.

The next part of Project E Vastipatrak was to have Responsive Website. It has all the features of earlier Website plus some new pages and attractive Web Banner. Yash Dinesh Bansdawala and Dhruv Ashwin Rajput were focussing on the task of getting attractive banner as per our requirement and in tune with the present themes. There were prolonged discussions on the design of the Web Banner. The end product was worth the time devoted to it. So, we had Home page with login id for e Vastipatrak as well as hosts of attractive pages to explore. The most important feature of this website is Media Page. You can view Video Clips of our previous programmes in its entirety. We appreciate efforts of Ankit Manoj Rajput in making those Video Clips. The Website was designed to make it Pro Active. I earnestly appeal to you all to visit various pages and be proactive on Website. I am pretty sure that you will definitely like our Website and will enjoy viewing it immensely.

Jai Rajput Samaj!!!

- Manoj Jamnadas Rajput

(Chairman- Project e Vastipatrak)



My Dear Snehi Swajan, 

Jai Shree Krishna,

We being on the threshold of the Centenary year 2019-20 of the Matrusanstha, must acknowledge the foresightedness and vision of our founding fathers, who signed on the Rs. 2 Stamp paper on 14th November 1922, and also those five who revived the institution by the first Navchandi Yagna 1980. Late Shri Jayantilal Bhikhabhai, Late Shri Surendra Purshottam, Shri Kantilal Morarji, Shri Bhupendra Damodar and Shri Kamalkant Amrutlal, also equally the role of Late Shri Keshavji Kanji, Late Shri Jamnadas Kalyanji and Shri Balkrisha Bhagwanji who maintained the institution till then.

In the first Navchandi Yagna as a teenager, I did odd jobs as directed by the above five, but then through hard work, preserverence and dedication, we strived for an elected body to maintain the affairs of the community and held the first election in 1985 when the community elected me with the highest vote, I bow down with great humility.

In this journey, there have been breaks, but everytime, rejoined it bringing new energy and vigour to the institution making it abreast of modern times. The role of Keshavji Kanji as a mentor, and my both Masa Kanti & Jayanti as a guide, inspiration is beyond parallel.

The Community got gender equality with the participation of Late Shardaben, Late Bachumasi, Mrs. Chandrakala, Mrs. Leela, Mrs. Meenaxi, Mrs. Geeta V., Mrs. Geeta M., Mrs. Varsha, Mrs. Deepika, Mrs. Kokila, Mrs. Jyotsna and many others.

Community members like Harshadrai, Rashmikant, Vrajlal, Sanjaybhai, Ashok K., Rajnikant, Bhavesh, Rajendra, Manukaka, Ashok M., Deepak and manymore played very important constructive role, to build up the sanstha. In 2005 we were joined by the young brigade, fresh with new thoughts & vigour in the form of Jignesh, Hitesh, Jiten, Nayan, Chetan and Dhawal, who brought a revolutionary change in the working style of the committee using modern technology. The Institutee in its 90th year launched its website and proved its mettle.

In the initial years, when the community lacked in finance, a great donor Kishorebhai emerged, and later Ashokbhai continued, a few others have been also consistently helping. In the last 7 years we have been taking the help of Rajput Yuvak Seva Sangh, Wadi Trust, Mahalaxmi Trust & Bai Dhankunwar Trust which incidentally we have been managing.

In the elections held in 2017 few new colleagues Dinesh, Daksha, Himanshu, Kinnari, Milu, Priti, Ritesh joined in and we are working together to make the present event a success and have great plan together for the Centenary Celebrations.

Throughout the thick and thin, ups & down two persons need a special mention, Pratapbhai & Manoj. their dedication, unflinched support, faith preserverance continous effort is unparalleled. I have been singularly lucky to have been able to work with all diamonds mentioned above while playing a role of a thread.

I thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart for continously supporting me and accepting my flaws whole heartedly I pay my deep respect to my Mother who was and is still the guiding spirit behind my community work.

P.S. Errors and Ommission regretted

-Ashwin Bhagwandas Rajput

(Chairman Programme & Centenary Celebration)



Dear Community Members,

I heartily Welcome you all on the Occasion of Lokarpan of "e-Vastipatrak', 3rd Parivar Parichay Patrak and Students felicitation program. I extend my greetins for Happy and Prosperous New year.

Education is essence of life, this was the vision of our forefathers. The Managing committee is continuing this vision to promote education in our community by felicitating students, giving scholarships, distributing exercise note books at concessional rates in co-operation with other Institutions of the community viz. Rajput Yuvak Seva Sangh, Rajput Chauhan Samast Gnyati Wadi Trust, Bai Dhankuvar Vithal Naran's Dharamada Trust, Bai Cooverbai & Bai Kasibai D/o. Jeevan Bhikhaji - Shree Mahalaxmi Building Trust.

The Managing Committee in co-operation of the above Trusts also organises Medical Camps for awarness about health in our community, thus keeping with the moto prevention is better than cure.

There are lots of Professionals in our community and out of love & affection and with the moto to serve the community they have providided and still providing honorary services. I Personally Thank them through this message and they are:-

Health Care: Late Dr. Girish H. Mistry, Late Dr. Sonal G. Mistry, Dr. Hemant N. Kansaria, Dr. Ramesh N. Chauhan & family, Dr. Namrata V. Rajput, Dr. Snehal R. Kansaria

Chartered Accountants: Late Gordhandas J. Naysariwala, Mr. Hitesh D. Naysariwala, Mr. Manish B. Rajput

I.T. Professionals: Mr. Mehul N. Rajput, Ms. Malvi N. Chawhan, Mr. Dhruv A. Rajput, Mr. Bhavesh B. Rajput, Mr. Ritesh A. Rajput, Mr. Yash D. Bansdawala

Music and Art: Mr. Naresh N. Rajput, Ms. Jitika K. Hazariwala, Mr. Dhiraj C. Rajput, Mrs. Sangeeta U. Chauhan, Mrs. Rajul S. Rajput, Mrs. Dimple P. Bansdawala,

Banker: Mr. Manoj J. Rajput

and lastly if I don't mention his name, I am failing in my duties and he is

Educationalist: Mr. Ashwin B. Rajput, who since Last 38 years is associated with the Institution/s and dedicated his Honorary Services to the community with new ideas and vision and keeping all the community members together.

I also Thank Mr. Jignesh B. Rajput, Mr. Vrajlal H. Naysariwala,Mr. Ashok K. Rajput, Mr. Harshad P. Chauhan and Mr. Dinesh N. Bansdawala for their hard work over the years.

I Thank all our valued donors and well-wishers and appeal that more members join in this Maha Yagna to serve the community.

Jai Rajput Samaj

Pratap Bhagwandas Chauhan




Dear Gnyatijans,

It gives me an immense pleasure to be associated with the dynamic energetic Team with the broad-minded thoughts, which comprises of experienced, women power, young educated talents in the 98th year under the guidance of Shri Pratap Bhagwandas Chauhan, Shri Ashwin Bhagwandas Rajput and Shri Manoj Jamnadas Rajput.

Over the years all our community members have been spreading their wings in different fields and corners of the world, so this Team had a vision to take our Gnyati to the next level and to give a platform to connect all the Rajput's across the globe keeping age no bar.


This website is designed by our own young, talented, energetic youngsters from our community. I would like to thank Shri Mehul Navinchandra Rajput, Kum. Malvi Navnit Chawhan for their valuable time rendered in making of the website.

I would also like to thank Shri Jignesh Bhagwandas Rajput and Shri VrajlalHargovind Naysariwala in managing the advertisements in the book. A special thanks to Shri Jayantilal Keshavlal Rajput for facilitating in the Audio and Visual technicalities. I thank all the trusts for playing a vital role for motivating Shree Rajput Gnyati Samat Panch (Mumbai) in moving up to next level of "GLOBAL E-COMMERCE ERA"

I take this oppurnity to thank all my Committee Members for putting their valuable time and selfless approach towards the community and working together towards a common goal.

I also thank all the artists, choreographers, make-up personnel, volunteers who helped us in making this endeavor a great success. Our Team does not end here for our "CENTENARY YEAR" we will be back with some more projects.

Jai Rajput Samaj

-Nayan N. Navsariwala