To read history is good but to create history is best. Our future depends on our Present and Past and so one must know one’s history. On research related to our forefathers, it is found that we are lucky to be the descendants of great sons of India, lineage being of Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, Mevad’s Rana Amarsingh and the founder of Jaipur city Sawai Jaisingh. Later on, we left ‘Rajputana’ and settled at Champaner near Vadodara, and hence we are known as ‘Champaneri Rajput’. Around 1856 due to Natural Calamities, some families migrated towards Bharuch,Surat, Navsari, Billimora, Amalsad and Mumbai and settled there. In Mumbai we settled near Lohar Chawl, Pathakwadi, Fort etc. As per legal proof of Rs. 2/- Stamp paper with us, Shree Rajput Gnyati Samast Panch at that time had ‘10’ ‘Tada’ and 2 representatives of each ‘Tada’ formed the main Committee, whose decisions were final.

We have below mentioned limited information about the various institutions of our Community.

The Mahant of Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Gadi at Chandod near Vadodara is believed to be our Guru and we have Gadi at Shri Balaji Temple, Popatwadi, Kalbadevi Road. Our Gnayati’s Late Seth Haridas had donated Rs. 22000/- to install Statue of Lord Shree Balaji. Near Shree Mahalaxmi Temple at Dahanu, we have a huge Dharmashala built with the help of generous donations from our Gnyatijans. Late Morarji Ramji was one of the Trustee of Dahanu Dharmashala.

Rajput Chauhan Samast Gnyati Wadi Trust building at 4th Marine Street, Dhobitalao acquired in the year 1922 under the stewardship of Late Hargovindbhai Ranchhodji Jagdish and others. In the year 1941, the building was repaired by spending Rs. 5580/-, collected as Donations from Gnyatijans. Later on, time and again the building has been repaired and maintained. In the year 2015 the Trust Board renovated the Ground Floor and made it into an Air-Conditioned Hall with a raised Platform, Marbo Granite Tiles and modern facilities and also the First Floor with more better Amenities and Facilities. It has been of great help to the Community members. It is being used by our Gnyatijans for celebrating small functions like Birthdays, Prayer Meeting etc. Even Gnyatijans from outstations also stays there. When wadi is not in use by our Gnayatijans, it is also used by the members of other communities.

Our Institution had also donated on many occasions such as:

In the year 1962 during the War with China, which was noted in ‘Janmabhoomi’ Newspaper.

In the year 1967 in ‘Surat Famine Relief Fund’ as our duty towards our brethren in Surat.

At the time of Earthquake on 30th September,1993 as our duty towards Nation, which was also noted in ‘Mumbai Samachar’ Newspaper. During the War of Kargil, in Chief Ministers Drought Relief Fund’.

Over and above we have various other Institutions such as Shri Rajput Yuvak Seva Sangh, Shree Mahalaxmi Building Trust, Bai Dhankuvar Vithal Naran’s Dharmada Trust, Rajput Chauhan Samast Gnyati Wadi Trust and Shree Narayan Lala Trust. 

Good news is that in the last two years by the hard work and persistent efforts of the present Trustees, Shree Mahalaxmi Building Trust and Bai Dhankuvar Vithal Naran’s Dharmada Trust after many decades has acquired their respective Trust Office.