Develop Confidence

14 November 2017 By Sunil Navinchandra Rajput

One thing we all definitely want in life is success. Whatever may be our undertaking in the direction of prosperity, we all want to succeed in life. But, truly successful men are only a handful. Some attain only a moderate degree of success while the others simply fail to achieve something noteworthy in life. There are various factors involved in one’s success and failure in life. But the most important among all of them is the factor of confidence, which is very essential for a human being to possess in order to achieve success in any field.

How to develop confidence? Firstly, confidence is that creative function of mind which enables us to perform certain actions without any hesitations and take various decisions in the right direction. It is important to now and believe that confidence can be improved by everyone provided we are ready to apply ourselves to it and work for it steadily and methodically. Try and cultivate the power of conviction. Believe with your whole should that you are on the right path. It is extremely important to remember that in developing confidence, the greatest help will come from the power of concentration. In fact, these two always go together i.e. the power of concentration helps the growth & development of confidence and confidence increases our power of concentration to a large extent. Lastly, we should not lose heart in failures and accept it as part of the game. Instead we should learn from our failures and take a solid step towards attaining success.

All these steps help in developing confidence thereby removing the confusion between the head & the heart; the intellect & the emotion and the thinking and our failure.

-Sunil Navinchandra Rajput (As published in ‘Vividha – 1995’)

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