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22 November 2017 By Deepika N Chauhan

It is a great opportunity to get trained under the guidance of Ashwin Bhai, Pratap Masa & Manoj Bhai.. I still require your guidance in future as well. Thanks for guiding me at every step...

It was an amazing experience to also be a part of Third E-vastipatrak launching. This time it was completely different, interacting & performing with various age groups. Practicing with them was fun and memorable. We have developed a healthy bond & are looking forward to meet on & off..

I was overwhelmed to practice with my mother and my daughter at a time on a platform. I also recollected my childhood memories with my Best friend which were left far behind.

E-vastipatrak is unique & informative. It will be helpful to all.

Thank you all community members for having faith on us.
I will work with same enthusiasm for centenary celebration.


    Jai Mataji, Congratulations to all who participated in the Marvelous Event held at the Birla Matushree ,I saw the videos and was overwhelmed by the performances by each and every participant,not to forget the committee members whose hard work and efforts made this possible. I missed the fun due to my tour to Usa,but feel very proud to be a member of our community. keep up the good work . God bless. Naresh Rajput

    19 November 2017

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