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Om is symbol of God and Goddess.

Human being is the most intelligent creature on the Universe. It foresee many good dreams and try to move forward with great thoughts.

The flame of Diya is symbol of Progress in the field of Industries, Medicines. Computers and Space Research.

In todays world Samaj is the symbol of Unity, where all stays together amicably, and it keeps together all like the Petals of Lotus. Youngsters-Elders as well as Infants and Grownups are all part of Samaj and with their Co opration Lotus albeit Samaj also brighten up.

Petals of Lotus protects as well as feeds. Humble request to the fellow Gnyatijans to help Samaj with 'Tann-Mann-Dhan and enable Samaj to move forward.

Jai Hind, Jai Garvi Gujarat, Jai Rajput Samaj

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