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The speciality of our Rajput Samaj Logo is as follows:  

Our Rajput Samaj Logo resembles Power, Unity & Education. The logo describes the prosperity and growth of our Samaj. The logo has shields & Swords that shows that we are not weak as we are well equipped and fight for our respect. The logo shows that we can fight against the corruption and ill effects of the society and system. We believe in women power, Education power as well as we stay united and that's our true power of Rajputs. We respect each and everyone's caste, creed and also their respective worships but if anyone comes in middle of our way of respect & honour and our fellow people than we are capable of protecting ourselves and our fellow swajans. We have made a 100 years history and will continue in next year's and years and will make our Samaj proud and honored. 

Thank You 

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