15 November 2017 By RAJUL RAJPUT

Had a very nice experience during the recently concluded community program. The program was the destination and the journey to it was thrilling and exciting. Made some new friends, caught up with some old ones, had some minor disagreements, but overall had a blast. I think for a healthy community, such kind of interactions are a must and should be promoted as much as possible. 

Looking forward to be a part of the centenary celebrations and hope even more people participates.

I hope people use this website as a tool to properly communicate with all  the members of the gnyati.

  • mpvakil

    A Big Thanx to one and all of the Community,Committee members and all the participants to make this programme a huge success. Had a great experience of participating in the community program for the first time. A very cooperative committee ,made many new friends,got a feeling of being part of a big family. Thankyou for giving all of us such a platform for fulfilling our dreams. Looking forward to be a part of the centenary celebrations too.

    14 November 2017

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