Message on Tree Plantation Drive

30 June 2018 By Shri Venkateshcharyaji Download file

Jay Shreeman Narayan

To the president and Samast Rajput Gnyati Samast Panch (Mumbai )
Heartiest Congratulations and best wishes to your organisation for noble gesture of planting trees throughout Mumbai from 1st July to 12th July 2020 taking the step for mankind Pollution free environment . It is everybody's requirement as well responsibility .
Your organisation is rightly doing its duty by taking part in improvement of  greenery in Mumbai and environment.
Wish all the best to your Organisation for taking up such good works towards society .

  • Bhavna Manoj Rajput | Family no: 278

    Blessings for us on the auspicious occasion of Tree Plantation Drive

    30 June 2018

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